Internet Down Again!?! How To Troubleshoot Your Connection

Nothing seems to be more frustrating than when your Internet connection suddenly drops. You are finally going to find out who committed the murder on your favorite show, when the dreaded “Buffering” wheel appears! Oh no! “What do I do now?”, you ask yourself. Because there are so many components to an Internet connection, it […]

Adding Security to Video Calls: How To Maintain Privacy

Our way of life has changed since the start of the Coronavirus outbreak. More people are working from home. Our social life has taken a hit. Thankfully, modern technology allows us to socialize with friends and colleagues digitally. We also have a tremendous number of video conferencing apps available at our disposal. And it is […]

Working From Home During COVID-19: A Guide To Keeping Data Safe

A note from the writer: These tips and information are for general purposes only. If you are working from home, check with your company’s IT department and/or management regarding your employer’s security policies and procedures for work from home. As the world continues to fight the battle again the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), many companies are […]

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